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  • Rad Res Profiles: Lucy Lester

    Lucy Lester NorthwesternFirst-year resident Lucy Lester is glad she chose to come to Chicago for her residency. "Chicago was definitely the cityt that everyone recommended and I'm very glad we chose to move here." Having matched at Northwestern and made her home here, Lester is excited to pursue her interests in the global health track offered through the program here. 

    When asked about her initial interset in radiology, Lester said, "I decided on radiology because I realized that every field is somewhat dependent on imaging and I liked the diagnostic aspect of radiology." The collaborative nature of Northwestern staff and faculty is a helpful environment for anyone with these interests. Residents work hard to get experience in a number of areas inside a very supportive community. Lester added, "The program director is my favorite part about Northwestern. And the fact that everyone cares so very much about resident learning." 

    Though she has several years to go, Lester says she likes the city and the seasons, "So I might stay in this area." We hope you do, Lucy! 

  • NU 4D Flow Image Selected as Textbook Cover

    Remember studying from Braunwald's Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine? The latest edition has a new cover thanks to Dr. Kelly Jarvis and our 4D Lab. Last year, the team captured a single-ventricle pediatric patient after Fontan repair using the 4D flow imaging developed in their lab. This image has been awarded first place in Helix magazine's Northwestern Scientific Imaging Contest, displayed in the Museum of Science and Industry, and can even be purchased online.                                                                                                     Jarvis 4D Image

  • SCMR Round-Up

    Our cardiac imaging faculty and fellows have returned after traveling to Barcelona for the SCMR conference, which was a joint EuroCMR and society meeting. Northwestern participants gave presentations and attended panels with the best of the best in their field, as well as enjoyed travel around Barcelona and Spain. Congrats to everyone who participated!

    Brad Allen - Resident
    Pascale Aouad - CV imaging fellow
    Alex Barker - faculty
    Matthew Barrett - CV imaging fellow
    James Carr - faculty
    Dan Kim - faculty
    Michael Markl - faculty
    Ali Serhal - CV imaging fellow

                                                 Pascale Aouad Matthew Barrett Ali Serhal 
                                                Our CV imaging fellows after a great presentation!


  • Rad Res Profiles: Kevin Su

    Kevin SuKevin, now in his third year of residency at Northwestern, first became interested in radiology through mammography because of his mom. As a Northwestern medical student, he involved himself in breast cancer research, discovering a passion for use of technology and minimally invasive procedures. In his fourth year of medical school, he knew he wanted to pursue radiology - interventional radiology particularly.

    Community has been his favorite part about the program. While at Northwestern, Kevin says, "I actually enjoyed all of the rotations because of the people that I work with. I liked all the residents/ fellows/ attendings here." He pursued a residency here in the first place because of "the volume, complexity, and breadth of cases similar to other programs on the interview trail." But, at the end of the day he says, "It was the people that I met and worked wtih as a med student that made me want to stay here. I realized throughout med school that working with people I like makes my day really enjoyable, and that became the most improtant factor for me. The day goes by quick when you have more fun."

    As for the future, Kevin is currently applying to interventional radiology fellowships to continue his passion for IR. "If that doesn't work out," he jokes, "I think E-sports is a thing now, where you can make money playing video games." With all the success of our interventional programs, as well as our residents, Kevin probably won't have much to worry about.

  • New Faculty Spotlight: Donald Kim

    Dr. Donald KimDr. Donald Kim, Instructor of Radiology, started here in the Northwestern Radiology department as an attending in the Body Imaging section last July. Imaging was not Dr. Kim's first passion, however. For his undergraduate, he graduated from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in dual Psycho/biology with a specialization in Computing. With that degree, he worked at a bioinformatics company (a subsidiary of Celera, which first decoded the human genome), then at a startup robotics company, and finally at the DirecTV satellite engineering.


    It is really wonderful to see how Dr. Kim transformed his experience in the computing field to medical practice. Dr. Kim made the decision to return to medical school at Western University in Southern California, followed by an internship at Riverside County Regional Medical Center in Riverside, CA. After completing his radiology residency at Franciscan St. James Hospital, he then completed a dual (abdominal imaging and ultrasound) fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).


    As a fairly new faculty member, Dr. Kim says the community at Northwestern is his favorite thing about teaching here. "I have had a great experience working with all the brilliant staff, residents, fellows, and attendings," he said. We look forward to seeing all the ways that Dr. Kim can broaden the education at Northwestern.

  • Zhang Team Published in Radiology

    We have more exciting news coming from research conducted with our newly-added PET-MR. Dr. Zhuoli Zhang and his team recently published an article in Radiology about a PET-imaging-guided method to detect early metabolic response to irreversible electroporation (IRE). The study shows that IRE induces metabolic changes that can be measured readily on 18FDG PET images. This study enabled us to confirm the feasibility of using 18FDG PET images to monitor responses to IRE treatment. 18F-FDG PET imaging biomarkers can be used for early detection of therapeutic response to IRE treatment in a rodent liver tumor model. Early changes in SUVs highlighted by PET may be important to inform practitioners about tumor metabolic changes induced within IRE ablation zones, related to the therapeutic response. This may permit timely adjustments to patient therapeutic regimen as needed to improve clinical outcomes. Drs. Xifu Wang and Zhangliang Su, both visiting fellows, are co-first authors on this research paper. Congratulations, team!

    To view the article please click here:

    Dr. Zhuoli Zhang 



  • Rad Res Profiles: Andrew Weinberger

    Andrew Weinberger NorthwesternAndrew Weinberger is a fourth-year resident in our program, joining us after medical school at Sackler School of Medicine. When asked how he became interested in radiology, he said, "During my internal medicine rotation in medical school, we did radiology rounds every morning. The medicine team would pile into a reading room and review imaging for each patient with a radiologist who seemed to be able to tell us everything that was wrong with all of our patients. I loved how much information could be obtained from imaging and how integral radiology was to the medical team." Andrew has taken that initial fascination with how much can be learned from imaging and he has been instrumental in creating a radiology resident morbidity and mortality conference series to help promote a blame-free environment where residents can learn about commonly missed diagnoses.  

    Community is inspiring and important to Andrew, so it's not surprising that the camaraderie and the friendships have been Andrew's favorite part of his residency. "I chose Northwestern because I loved all of the people I met when I came to visit and I always wanted to live in Chicago." During his time here, he has developed interests in both abdominal imaging and radiology educational practices.

    Andrew is going to take these interests into his future. Currently, he is helping to organize a radiology global health trip for the resident program. Once he is finished at Northwestern, he plans on moving to Ann Arbor for an abdominal imaging fellowship at University of Michigan.

  • RSNA Round-Up

    The dust has settled after the rush of RSNA week -- one of the busiest and biggest conferences of the year for our faculty, students, residents, and fellows. Northwestern Radiology had a great showing this year in several categories including oral abstracts, poster discussions, workshops, educational exhibits, courses, and session moderation. Of note were three Northwestern Radiology educational exhibits chosen for the Certificate of Merit, as well as Dr. Neuschler's high impact clinical trial manuscript posted online in Radiology for the duration of RSNA week. Several fellows and residents also won RSNA Travel Awards and a RSNA Research Scholar Grant. We are so proud of everyone's hard work, and we can't wait for next year!


    Let's hear it for our participants:

    Jeanne Horowitz - Assistant Professor
    Amir Mozafarykhamseh - Fellow
    Sara Floyd - Resident
    Ingolf Karst - Fellow
    Erin Neuschler - Assistant Professor
    Bob Lewandowski - Professor
    Michael Markl - Professor
    Emilie Bollache - Post-doc
    Kush Desai - Assistant Professor
    Andy Larson - Professor
    Michael Iorga - Graduate Student
    Maria Aristova - Md/PhD Student
    Anas Al-Smadi - Fellow
    Tahaamin Shokuhfar - Fellow
    Al Nemcek - Professor
    Frank Miller - Professor
    Riad Salem - Professor
    Ryan Dolan - Fellow
    Amir Rahsepar - Fellow
    James Carr - Professor

  • Northwestern High Impact Clinical Trial Published in Radiology

    RSNA is in full swing this week. Our faculty, fellows, residents, and researchers are busy presenting and attending sessions all week. Before our highlights post, we wanted to share a fantastic manuscript published from Dr. Erin Neuschler's presentation in the Special Session: High Impact Clinical Trials. This trial is called "A Pivotal Study of Opto-Acoustic Imaging to Diagnose Benign and Malignant Breast Masses: A New Evaluation Tool for Radiologists." The trial compares the specificity of an investigational optoacoustics (OA/US) breast imaging device wtih that of gray-scale ultrasound in evaluating breast masses. The journal Radiology published the manuscript online, and it is available for free to read during the week of RSNA. Read all about it here!



  • Miller Travels to Chile as Visiting Professor

    Dr. Frank Miller was awarded the Igor Laufer Visitor Professorship from the Society of Abdominal Radiology. The SAR has sponsored an International Education Conference for over fifteen years. This conference brings lecturers from all over the world to countries in Central and South America to provide the latest information and research to the host country's national or regional radiological meetings. This year, the SAR conference was in Santiago, Chile. Dr. Miller, as the society's Visiting Professor, attended the meeting as an invited lecturer to radiologists from across the globe. Join us in congratulating Dr. Miller on this fantastic achievement!

    Dr. Frank Miller

  • Barker Collaborates on $3.3 million International Grant

    Dr. Alex Barker

    Dr. Alex Barker, Assistant Professor of Radiology who specializes in cardiovascular MRI and biomedical engineering, will be collaborating with Dr. Paul Fedak, a cardiac surgeon at the University of Calgary, on a multi-million dollar NIH R01 grant dedicated to researching personalized treatments for bicuspid aortic valve (BAV). Teams here at Northwestern and in Calgary will run a five-year clinical study on 450 patients. Recruitment for the study is already underway and researchers are beginning their work. They will be using 4D-flow MRI to investigate bloodflow, as well as utilizing tissue analysis. This groundbreaking research will help find a way to assess those diagnosed with BAV in order to identify complications that may be associated with their particular case. 

    You can read more about these researchers and the goals of this grant at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, as well as The Calgary Herald and Global News.

  • Dr. Zhuoli Zhang Makes Impactful Trip to China

    Dr. Zhuoli Zhang, Department of Radiology faculty and manager of quality and regulatory affairs of the Quantitative Imaging Core Lab at the Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, recently returned from a month-long trip to China. During this trip, Dr. Zhang visited collaborators to further his research on radiogenomics projects set forth earlier this year. Peking Union Medical College Hospital -- rated the #1 hospital by the Chinese National Ranking -- welcomed Dr. Zhang for a week of working with collaborators on data gathered on HCC and pancreatic cancer patients. This data will be brought back to radiologists and geneticists teamed up in Dr. Zhang's lab to research the genetics of cancer and cancer therapies. While doing this work, Dr. Zhang also had the opportunity to visit with both the President of the Chinese Radiology Society, as well as the President of the Beijing Resident Training Program in Radiology.

    Dr. Zhang also had time to visit with his own family living in China, as well as volunteer for a few days in a developing village. He met a young man who he was able to get to know, as well as to contribute funds to his school tuition for the next five years. This was a truly meaningful experience for Dr. Zhang, who has shown how he likes to give back to the world in a variety of ways.

                      Zhang and Zhenyu JinZhang and Chinese collaborators
    Photos: Top features Dr. Zhang visiting with Dr. Zhenyu Jin of the Chinese Radiology Society. Bottom features Dr. Zhang and collaborators from Peking Union.

  • Three Faculty Awarded as Top RSNA Educators

    This year, the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) awarded three Northwestern Department of Radiology faculty with the very esteemd Honored Educator Award. The RSNA deems this award "a benchmark of academic productivity" for each individual. The award recognizes the dedication of radiology faculty throughout the nation to advancing education and careers in radiology in future generations. Drs. Vahid Yaghmai, Paul Nikolaidis, and Frank Miller were tapped for their excellence in producing outstanding educational content for the Society. Join us in congratulating these three!

    Vahid YaghmaiPaul NikolaidisFrank Miller

  • Keller Awarded Lee F. Rogers Medical Student Research Award

    Last Friday, at the Northwestern Radiology Graduation dinner, the department awarded Eric Keller the Lee F. Rogers Medical Student Research Award. This award is inspired by Dr. Lee F. Rogers, whose commitment to teaching and academics continues to inspire radiology faculty at Northwestern and among other institutions. This award honors the commitment of students to furthering the bounds of Northwestern's power in academics and research. Keller came highly recommended from faculty. While obtaining his Masters in Bioethics and Medical Humanities in 2016, he also joined the Radiology department in order to develop a concept of medical specialty professional identity. For eighteen months, Keller conducted research among radiologists of all specialities, investigating what came to be termed "medical tribalism", or how physicians form unique professional speciality identities. These identities, as Keller discovered, shape the way phsysicians talk to one another and make decisions regarding patient care. During this time, Keller also led efforts in cardiovascular imaging research in a number of specific areas. All of this work resulted in an outstanding number of self-written grants, first-authored publications and abstract presentations at both national and international conferences. Keller, a 4th year Feinberg Medical Student, is funded by The Albert Nemcek Interventional Radiology Professor Fund, the RSNA, and SIR.

    Keller and Faculty

  • Congratulations to ISMRM Participants!

    Northwestern Radiology had a great showing at the International Society for Magnetic REsonance in Medicine (ISMRM) Annual Meeting in Honolulu, HI. Several faculty attended as session moderators and presenters. Of note, Dr. James Carr, Vice Chair for Research, gave a featured talk on 2D vs. 4D Flow techniques and applications for the Society for MR Radiographers and Techologists (SMRT), which also took place during the ISMRM meeting. Graduate students, fellows, MD-PhD students, and post-doc researchers participated in oral, electronic poster, and traditional poster presentations. MD-PhD student Liliana Ma's abstract was awarded third place for the Pediatric MR Study Group Abstract Award. Former post-doc Pim Van Ooij also presented a top abstract at the conference. While in Hawaii, the radiology group enjoyed activities such as the ISMRM Fun Run as well as events for conference-goers.

    Please extend your congratulations to the following participants:

    Alex Barker - Assistant Professor
    Emilie Bollache - Post-doc
    James Carr - Professor, Vice Chair for Research
    Ryan Dolan - Clinical Research Associate
    Matteo Figini - Clinical Research Associate
    Suvai Gunasekaran - Graduate Student
    Hassan Haji-Valizadeh - Student
    Kelly Jarvis - Post-doc
    Daniel Kim - Associate Professor
    Liliana Ma - MD-PhD Student
    Nivedita Naresh - Clinical Research Associate
    Ozair Rahman - Clinical Research Associate
    Amir Rahsepar - Clinical Research Associate
    Michael Rose
    Alexander Ruh - Clinical Research Associate
    Susanne Schnell - Research Assistant Professor
    Daming Shen - Student
    Lingzi Tashakkor - Graduate Student
    Zhuoli Zhang - Research Associate Professor

  • Nemeth Receives Office of Medical Education Teaching Award
    Dr. Alexander Nemeth
    Northwestern Medicine's Office of Medical Education recently awarded Dr. Alexander Nemeth with an Outstanding Teaching pin for the 2015-2016 year. This pin is given to faculty the Office of Medican Education wishes to recognize for commitment and excellence in medical student teaching. Dr. Nemeth was commended for his Diagnostic Testing course. Join us in congratulating Dr. Nemeth on his wonderful achievement!
  • Congratulations to SIR Participants!

    The Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) was an especially exciting conference this year for the Department of Radiology. Not only were an outstanding number of residents, faculty, and students there to represent Northwestern in Washington DC, but several members of the department walked away with superb accolades. This year's conference was chaired by our own Dr. Robert Lewandowski, who worked hard to put on yet another great event for current and future IRs. The conference introduced new technologies, such as Virtual IR, as well as acknowledged the hard work of women in IR. Dr. Riad Salem was awarded one of the society's top honors - The Society of Interventional Radiology Foundation Leaders in Innvation Award - in recognition of his work using radioembolization in internventional oncology. SIR also awarded Jingran Ji the Dr. Constantin Cope Medical Student Research Award for his work in image-guided bacteriolytic therapy.

    This group, overall, showed twenty-four presentations, five of which were featured presentations at the conference. Join our department in congratulating these people on their incredible work.

    Ahusun Riaz - Health System Clinician/ Faculty
    Ahmed Gabr - Clinical Research Fellow
    Omar Uddin - Medical Student
    Soojeong Cho - Clinical Research Associate
    Jingran Ji - Medical Student
    Joseph McDevitt - Resident
    Bartley Thornburg - Health System Clinician/ Faculty
    Brian P. Holly
    Martin Errea - Resident
    Jessica Andreoli - Resident
    Joseph Kallini
    Rehan Ali - Research Fellow
    Nadine Abouchaleh - Medical Student
    Suraj Gupta - Resident
    Kevin Su - Resident
    Maureen P. Kohi
    Eric J. Keller - Research Fellow

  • Dr. Frank Miller Awarded Visiting Professorship from the Society of Abdominal Radiology
    Frank Miller
    Dr. Frank Miller, Lee F. Rogers MD Professor of Medical Education, chief of body imaging and medical director of MR, was selected as the Igor Laufer Visiting Professor for the Society of Abdominal Radiology. The award is especially important to Frank as he trained under the late Dr. Laufer at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania early in Frank’s career and Igor was an outstanding mentor to him.  Per the SAR website, “The SAR Igor Laufer Visiting Professorship is awarded each year to an outstanding early to mid career, academic radiologist who is a Fellow Member of the Society in good standing and who has demonstrated a history of contributions to the Society. One of the goals of this award is to both recognize and reward an individual for their contributions to GI or GU radiology and the SAR and to provide Society members with interactions at a local and personal level. This should provide a resource to Society members and their institutions nationwide and build an awareness of the SAR to non-members and radiologists in training at these institutions.” Frank will also participate as a faculty member of the 2017 SAR International Education Conference team in Chile and serve as the SAR Honorary Lecturer at the ESGAR 29th Annual Meeting and Postgraduate Course in 2018 in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Northwestern Radiology Team Develops Patented MRE Driver

    MR elastography is novel noninvasive imaging technique developed by Dr. Richard Ehman and Mayo Clinic to evaluate the stiffness of organs analogous to palpation.  It is viewed as the most accurate method to assess for liver fibrosis.  Based on collaborations with Dr. Ehman, Northwestern has been an early adopter of MRE. Northwestern has examined approximately 1000 patients with MRE and published several papers related to MRE.

    Professor Teresa Woodruff, Director Center for Reproductive Science and Vice Chair of Research, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, who is a world expert on polycystic ovarian syndrome,  has postulated that the extracellular matrix and density contribute to the regulation of follicle development and that MRE would be helpful in these patients with PCOS.   Based on these interests, Drs. Frank Miller and Tim Carroll engaged a highly talented and motivated group of biomedical education students, Mayank Vijayvergia, Samantha By, Sumeeth Johnathan, and Gaurav Gadodia, to develop as part of their class a new curved passive driver to allow greater penetration of the waves into the abdomen.  The success of their efforts led to a recently approved patent of their work called Curved Passive Acoustic Driver for Magnetic Resonance Elastography.   Next step Shark Tank with Marc Cuban?

  • Congratulations to SCMR Participants!

    The Department of Radiology had much to celebrate at Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance meeting this year. This year, which was the 20th annual SCMR meeting, was an exciting year for celebrating the Society and the accomplishments of cardiovascular MR researchers in our department. Several students, fellows, and faculty from the department presented or moderated sessions helping to make Northwestern Radiology "one of the most represented among participating insitutitions," according to Vice Chair of Research Dr. James Carr. Join us in giving special congratulations the following people who presented oral and poster abstracts!
    Alex Barker - Assistant Professor of Radiology
    Ryan Dolan - Clinical Research Associate
    Kelly Jarvis - PhD Candidate
    Daniel Kim - Associate Professor of Radiology
    Emily Li - MD Student
    Liliana Ma - MD-PhD Student
    Nivedita Naresh - Clinical Research Associate
    Ozair Rahman - Clinical Research Associate
    Amir Rahsepar - Clinical Research Associate
    Kenichiro Suwa - Clinical Research Associate 
    Stan Swat - Resident

    More information about SCMR can be found here:

  • Radiogenomics Program Underway

    Last month, Dr. Zhuoli Zhang traveled to China to begin work on a new radiogenomics program. Along with Dr. Maryellen Giger from the University of Chicago, Dr. Zhang connected with colleagues from several hospitals in China to initiate this collaborative work. “The field of radiogenomics is increasingly growing and the use of big data has the potential to truly affect our ability to increase therapeutic outcomes,” Dr. Zhang said. This trip marked the first steps in important work concerning research on genes and pancreatic cancer. Research teams worked on acquiring and studying patient data and scans with the goal of improving diagnostics.

    While in China, Dr. Zhang worked in Southwest Hospital in Chongquing. After several training courses, he accessed data on pancreatic cancer patiets. The data opened up discussions with teams of pathologists at Southwest regarding patterns of genetic expression. Dr. Zhang noted that Southwest also contains large sets of glioma databases, which is information the team hopes to use in the future when further researching cancer diagnostics and genetics. Not only are Southwest, UC, and Northwestern proud of this work, but they are also excited that it “will likely open new avenues of very nice relationships with local medical and clinical institutions,” as Dr. Zhang noted. This also means that researchers on the radiogenomics project secured a great deal of growth potential after this groundbreaking trip. Dr. Zhang is looking forward to working more closely with the Giger’s UC teams, as well as expanding this work into Northwestern’s own Quantitative Imaging Core Lab. Our department is proud to support this wonderful accomplishment by Dr. Zhang and this team.

    Dr. Zhuoli Zhang with Southwest Hospital Team
    Dr. Zhuoli Zhang (second from left) with Southwest Hospital colleagues

  • New Faculty Spotlight: Swati Deshmukh

    Swati DeshmukhAssistant Professor Swati Deshmukh, who specializes in Musculoskeletal Radiology, says she is thrilled to have joined the faculty here at Northwestern this past August. Hands down, her favorite part of working here “is definitely the people,” she said. “Everyone is so friendly and kind!”

    Dr. Deshmukh comes to us after traveling from coast to coast pursuing her education. After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in molecular biochemistry and biophysics at Yale University, she went on to Stanford School of Medicine for her MD degree. She then completed a preliminary internship year at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical school in Boston before heading down to Johns Hopkins University for 4 years of residency in radiology. This experience opened doors for her to engage in imaging research through a variety of advanced techniques and in novel areas of medicine.  After Hopkins, she sought additional specialized training in New York during her fellowship at the Hospital for Special Surgery, the No. 1 hospital for orthopedics. “I received fantastic training in a plethora of image guided musculoskeletal procedures,” she said before specifying: “joint injections, perineural injections, peritendon injections, spine injections, aspirations, biopsies, ablations...”.  At Northwestern, Dr. Deshmukh looks forward to being able to offer patients therapeutic solutions for both acute injuries and chronic pain. 

    Her approach to the classroom is flavored by her diverse background training experiences. “My research interests have largely focused on peripheral nerve imaging, both with MRI and ultrasound,” she says, but she also loves being able to share her knowledge with the next generation of radiologists.  For example, she created a sports lecture series for residents focusing on imaging of different sports such as basketball, baseball, ballet, tennis, rock-climbing and football. This is only one example of how Dr. Deshmukh’s interests lend to a great experience for students and residents at Northwestern.

  • Goodhartz Reflects on 24 Years at Northwestern

    Last month, Dr. Lori Goodhartz received one of the ten John X. Thomas, Jr. Best Teachers of Feinberg Awards given out this year. This award goes to nominees who exhibit passion and skill when providing educational opportunities within the Feinberg School of Medicine. For Dr. Goodhartz, this award can be counted among her other accolades, including a 2006 Outstanding Teaching Award for problem-based learning, as well as two Department of Radiology Teacher of the Year awards. She is currently the Vice Chair of Education for the Department of Radiology.

    Having spent 24 years Northwestern in the Department of Radiology, Dr. Goodhartz has also received the opportunity to work on projects with real impact on medical education. One great example is the 2006 Augusta Webster Fellowship Award, which she and a colleague at the medical school used to create a student web site that correlated radiological images with Netter anatomy illustrations. Dr. Goodhartz has also served on committees aimed at developing the new Feinberg curriculum. Currently, she serves on the diagnostic testing committee overseeing the laboratory medicine and imaging thread in the medical school curriculum. During her tenure on this committee, Dr. Goodhartz has accomplished several goals. She has been able to connect radiologists with students, allowing students to interact with, and learn from, professionals in the field. She has also worked with colleagues to include more ultrasound – particularly point-of-care ultrasound – in the medical school curriculum, broadening medical students imaging knowledge base.

    As far as her own teaching, Dr. Goodhartz prefers interactive teaching methods include problem-based learning, audience response, and team-based learning. In her medical school classrooms, students learn with case studies or use clickers to vote on answers to questions, enhancing their participation in class, as well as their exposure to the material. "Learners like to be more interactive now," she says. Her classroom, as well as in the way she continues to serve the department, show that she is a dedicated educator, continuing to provide quality radiology education to learners here at Northwestern. 

  • Goodhartz Receives Best Teachers of Feinberg Award

    Dr. Lori GoodhartzThis week, Dr. Lori A. Goodhartz was selected as the recipient of the John X. Thomas, Jr. Best Teachers of Feinberg Award. Dr. Goodhartz is an Associate Professor of Radiology, specializing in women's health, medical education, and healthcare policy. A reception to honor her achievement will be held during the closing ceremony of Medical Education Day, Friday, September 30 at 5:00 pm.

    The John X. Thomas, Jr. Best Teachers of Feinberg Award is bestowed upon Feinberg School nominees from all departments who go above and beyond in their teaching and scholarship. Medical Education Day day is specially organized by the Department of Medical Education to recognize the accomplishments of the departments within Feinberg, as well as these outstanding individuals.

    More information about Medical Education Day can be found here:

  • Kim and Park Published in Top Chemistry Journal for Innovations in Tumor Therapy

    Dr. Dong-Hyun Kim  Dr. Wooram Park

    Recently, Dr. Dong-Hyun Kim (Assistant Professor of Radiology), along with a group collaborating with Argonne National Laboratory and Catholic University of Korea, developed a noble thermo-switchable polymeric photosensitizer which can be applied for optical image-guided combinational tumor therapy (i.e., hyperthermia plus photodynamic therapy). The research article “Intermolecular Structural Change for Thermoswitchable Polymeric Photosensitizer” was recently published in Journal of the American Chemical Society (2016, 138(34), pp 10734-10737, IF: 13.038; one of top journals in Chemistry). Dr. Wooram Park (Northwestern Post-doctoral fellow in Radiology) participated as a first-author in the research.

    To view the article please click here:


  • Schnell Awarded American Heart Association Grant

    The Department of Radiology is pleased to announce that Susanne Schnell, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, has been awarded a 3-year American Heart Association Scientist Development grant (from July, 2016 to June, 2019) for her work on "Comprehensive Cardiac and Neurovascular 4D flow MRI for Assessment of Efficacy of Embolization Therapy for Vein of Galen Aneurysmal Malformation." The project is a joint effort between the Department of Radiology and investigators at Lurie Children's Hospital.

    The provided figure shows an example of 4D flow MRI measured in a Vein of Galen Malformation pediatric patient (5 to 13 months old baby boy). Serial 3D flow visualization during staged embolization clearly depicts distinct changes in blood flow distribution and flow velocities (color coding) in the entire brain arterial and venous vasculature. The goal of this study is to get a better understanding of the effect of step-wise reduction of arterial-venous shunting and identify the degree of shunt flow reduction necessary to improve the impaired neurodevelopment, hydrocephalus or CHF.

                                    4Dflow VGAM Patient

  • Mendelson Named Professor Emeritus of Radiology

    Dr. Ellen Mendelson   On September 2, 2016, Ellen B. Mendelson, MD, FACR was awarded Professor Emeritus status. Dr. Mendelson is a veteran student and faculty member of Northwestern. After completing her MD and internship at the Feinberg School of Medicine in 1980, she pursued and finished a residency at Northwestern in 1984 and then a fellowship in 1985. Since then, she has been a dedicated faculty member and research mentor for scholars, researchers, and residents. Within the Department of Radiology, she has focused on breast cancer therapies and diagnostic tools such as MRI, mammography, and ultrasound. A widely-pusblished researcher in her field, Dr. Mendelson's most recent studies have concerned use of ultrasound in breast cancer screening. Among her many accolades, in 2011, the Department of Radiology named Dr. Mendelson the inagural Lee F. Rogers, MD, Profesoor of Medical Education honor for her outstanding work. A small celebration was recently held to honor Dr. Mendelson's many achievements. 

  • German Health Minister Visit

    On Wednesday August 10th, a delegation from the German Ministry of Health, led by the German Health Minister, Mr Hermann Grohe, visited Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Department of Radiology. The delegation also included two members of the German Parliament, Mrs Maria Michalk and Mrs. Dr. Katja Leikert, as well as representatives from the German Consulate in the US and deputies from the Federal Ministry of Health. The general purpose of this health policy trip to the US by senior members of the German government was to get insights into US healthcare policy and visit local branches of German healthcare corporations as well as US pinnacles of healthcare and their research facilities. In addition to Northwestern, they also visited Stanford University and MD Anderson as part of the US trip. During their visit, they were given an overview of Northwestern Radiology’s clinical and research operations by Dr Eric Russell (Chair of Radiology), Dr James Carr (Vice Chair for Research) and Dr Vahid Yaghmai (Vice Chair for Clinical Operations), following which they received a tour of the clinical Radiology department and Radiology’s research offices. At the end of the visit, they were given a brief overview of some of the cutting edge research taking place at Northwestern by several of the Northwestern Radiology Research faculty including Drs Andrew Larson, Michael Markl and Daniel Kim. Also in attendance were members of the Siemens research and development team, which consists of four PhD scientists that are embedded in the Radiology research group at Northwestern.


    German Visit

  • Center for Translational Imaging (CTI) Receives Outstanding Core Facility Award

    The Outstanding Core Facility Award is bestowed on facilities that place in the top 10% (excluding Gold Star Awardees). Each facility will receive a commemorative plaque and a $2,000 voucher for discretionary use related to the operation of the facility (e.g., professional development, workshop, seminar program).

    All faculty and staff working in core facilities at Northwestern University are invited to the Core Facilities Colloquium and Awards Luncheon on September 23 (see attachment). All awardees will be honored guests at the luncheon and acknowledged in OR's Fall Newsletter and on the core facilities website.

  • Dr. Robert Vogelzang Travels with Multinational Team of Specialists

    VogelzangRobert L. Vogelzang, MD, Feinberg School of Medicine Professor of Radiology, and a multinational team of specialists in vascular malformations recently traveled to Cairo Egypt, Lublin Poland and Barcelona Spain to extend advanced curative interventional radiology embolization treatments to patients in three countries.

    Dr. Vogelzang, accompanied by Wayne F Yakes, MD, Director of the Vascular Malformation Center in Denver Colorado and Krassi Ivancev, MD, endovascular specialist from the University of Malmo, Sweden, were invited by colleagues to treat patients and teach new techniques during a 10-day humanitarian journey in which a total of 87 treated patients benefited from their expertise and many others were examined and consulted upon.

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