Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Radiology

Medical Students

The Department of Radiology provides many opportunities for medical students to learn about our field, as well as conduct research.

As Medical Imaging has become more central to the practice of medicine, it has become increasingly important for medical students to be familiar with the basic principles of radiology, the different imaging modalities available and how they can be best utilized, as well as the role imaging holds in the current medical system.

Several lectures in the first year Structure and Function course introduce medical students to the basic principles of radiology and the different imaging modalities. Cross-sectional imaging studies can be very helpful in learning basic anatomy. Images are included in some Problem Based Learning (PBL) cases during the first and second years, introducing students to how different imaging modalities are utilized in certain clinical situations.

At the beginning of the third year, an Introduction to Chest Radiology lecture and an Imaging Lab are included in the Introduction to Clinical Clerkship week. Medical students are exposed to a wide range of imaging studies while taking care of patients during their third and fourth years.

Visiting Student

Students who meet Feinberg’s general application criteria for the visiting student elective program may be considered.